What is a Sacred Intimate?

Sacred Intimates work with clients seeking help and exploration in sexuality.

Some Sacred Intimates focus mainly on bodywork, some on coaching, some on mutual interaction and exploration, some on energy awareness or tantra.  Most combine various modalities such as movement, breath, touch, as well as teaching body awareness, consent, and sexual skills.  The Sacred Intimate guides you through sensual, sexual and erotic experiences, keeping you safe and cared for, contributing to your experience and supporting your growth and learning.

What is a Surrogate?

A surrogate, or a surrogate partner, participates with the client in a structured and unstructured experience that is designed to build client self-awareness and skills in the areas of physical and emotional intimacy.  This is a unique approach to sexual healing.  A surrogate will work with to help you deepen your understanding of sensuality, and in physical and emotional intimacy. Using various techniques including exercises in communication, breathing techniques, meditation, mental and physical relaxation they guide you through a progression of sexual awareness and sensual touch.

Where are you located?

I enjoy hosting at my location in the Metro Detroit area. My private, professional location is clean, discreet and upscale. Upon your arrival, you are invited to leave your donation on the bar just inside the door. When hosting I am happy to provide refreshments such as cheese and crackers, fresh fruit, chocolates and wine/bubbly. What is your desired libation? Let me know and you shall receive.

What is your schedule?

When I am not traveling I am typically available Monday through Friday every week at my incall location.  Occasional weekends are also an option but will vary depending on my schedule.   For a detailed calendar listing of my available times and locations please View My Calendar.

Do you Travel?

I adore travel and am always on the go to new and exciting places.  I  journey both domestically and internationally on a very regular basis so be sure to watch my calendar for upcoming locations and dates.  Also I am happy to take requests for travel locations, who knows maybe it's a place I have always wanted to visit, so be sure to send me a message and let me know if you would like me to visit a location near you!

What is your cancellation/reschedule policy?

Please respect my time and yours by offering appropriate notice of cancellations or rescheduling. I appreciate at least 24 hrs. notice by phone so that I can adjust my schedule accordingly. I am a professional and I gather you expect the same kind of courtesy in your profession. Preferring not to take deposits, cancellations between 12 and 24 hours prior to the scheduled time of our confirmed session you will be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of your scheduled donation.   Cancellations made 12 hours or less prior to our confirmed time result in a cancellation fee equal to my posted donation.  

Do you offer discounts? Are your rates negotiable?

I do not offer discounts or negotiate on my donations.  However ,from time to time to thank all of my wonderful friends, new and old, I will offer a special on prebooked or advanced sessions.  Please just inquire with me to see if I anything special going on!

Do you offer phone sessions and coaching?

I do offer coaching to my clients which can be done in person at my location or via a skype consultation.  I welcome you to look over my website at my coaching offerings,  inquire if you have any questions, and fill out my Private Screening Form when you're ready to schedule!

This is my first Sensual Massage.  Is this a mutual session?  What should I expect?

In General... 
A Sensual Massage session is a delicious massage experience that differs from traditional massage in the following ways: 1) The massage will be done without a drape or sheet covering you.   2) You will be completely nude on the table.  3) Your provider will be at some level of undress, perhaps fully nude, in panties or in lingerie.  4) She will likely use her torso and chest along with her arms and legs to massage your whole body (including erogenous zones) in the massage.  5) You are invited to enjoy your arousal and excitement.   A climax is never consider part of the session, though it may occur.  Any donation is for time only.  


In a private session with me, you will be fully nude on my table with no drapping.  I always wear something that is enjoyable and sensual in nature.   I do enjoy being touched in a non-arousing way along the back side of my body, though touch for my body is never expected or solicited.   Your deep relaxation, connection and pleasure is my highest priority and as such your body may respond with arousal. 

Please keep in mind that every sensual massage artist is unique and therefore each session will be delightfully different, even if visiting with me more than once!

What makes you unique from other providers?

I truly enjoy sharing a level of connection and touch with my clients that is not commonly found.  Erotic bodywork is my passion, and because of this, I am a perpetual student when it comes to expanding my trade.  I am always taking new classes and workshops or reading books and articles which will add to my experience.  This provides me with the ability to explore and practice new realms of pleasure with you!

I want to bring you a gift. What are your favorite things?

Special gifts or tokens of our time together are always a special treat that I take much delight in.  I adore fresh flowers to brighten my room and they also provide a wonderful memory of our time together.  I also adore decadent treats that we can share with one another during our time together.  Additionally, gift certificates are a lovely gesture and I regularly shop at Whole Foods, Victorias Secret and Amazon.com.  For other items more personal in nature, please email me so that I can share with you some more of my favorite things.

After we meet can you provide a reference for me?

If you would like to receive a reference from me I am happy to do so. Please just ask in advance, as discretion and privacy are very important to me.   Emailing me your intention can also help speed up the reference process.

For first time clients and newbies.

Brand new to the world of erotic body work and sensual pleasures?  That's ok!!  I have several different screening options available that will make us both comfortable in meeting and spending time together.   To get started simply fill out my Private Screening Form with your basic information and let me know in the notes that your new but excited to learn more!!