Edyn Wylde


About me

Through a life filled with a variety of rich experiences, both joys and challenges, I have learned that intimacy is not just a side benefit of one's relationship, it is a part of who we are at the very core of our being. Sensuality and pleasure are more than a necessity, they are our most basic right and provide us with both healing and transformation. My calling is collaborating with you. I am here to integrate a joyous and blissful connection in your life; emotionally, physically, and mentally.
I have a burning passion for the sensual arts and have over 8 years of training in energy work, bodywork, breathwork, somatic sensuality, gender fluidity, Tantra, recovery from trauma, BDSM/Kink, and intimacy coaching.  I am a certified Somatic Sensual healer as well as a Bondassage and Elysium trainer.

As a Sacred Intimate, I am here to be your empowering, sensual, nurturing, fantasy guide. I am a trained professional in service of your tender heart and wildest dreams. I provide a comfortable space where you can share and explore your most authentic self.  Exceeding expectations is something that comes naturally to me and it brings me profound joy to bring you an experience of relaxation, discovery, and pleasure.


About You

You are someone who celebrates feeling the kind of trust that lets you experience being pampered and led into what you are deeply searching for.  You long to integrate your sensual energy explorations into a feeling of greater vitality, creativity, and intimacy in all areas of your life.



Together we share spacious time. I will never rush you out the door. You are unique to me. I remember you. I think about you. I plan and prepare for you with anticipation and enthusiasm. With me, you get to surrender to full pleasure, relaxation, and coming home to yourself.